Don Juan DeMarco (1994)

If you can't get laid after seeing this film, you can't get laid (from Australian video release)

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Toevallig, ik moet voor komende maandag net het toneelstuk hiervan lezen (van Molière).
Het is vrij kort (60 pagina's) maar echt ontzettend grappig. Dit vond ik wel een leuke scene:

Sganarelle: You mean you don't believe in senna or cassia or emetic wine?

Don Juan: Why should I believe in them?

Sganarelle: You must have a very unbelieving soul. But look what a reputation emetic wine has got in the last few years. Its wonders have won over the most sceptical. Why, only three weeks ago, I saw a wonderful proof myself.

Don Juan: What was that?

Sganarelle: A man was at the point of death for six whole days. They didn't know what to do with him. Nothing had any effect. Then suddenly they decided to give him a dose of emetic wine.

Don Juan: And he recovered?

Sganarelle: No. He died.

Don Juan: An admirable effect, truly.