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Hmm dit rijtje errors van IMDB verklaard wel het een en ander wat betreft de cijfers. Wordt dus een spot de fout film of maar een andere uit m'n eigen collectie kijken Smiley face

* Factual errors: An abandoned airport runway still has functioning approach lights.

* Errors in geography: The airplane washroom signs are in both English and Japanese which is typical of airplanes in British Columbia on the West Coast (where this movie was filmed) which travel to Asia frequently. But since the plane was coming from Columbia, South America to Miami the second language should have been Spanish.

* Factual errors: Near the beginning the subtitles spell the South American country Colombia as "Columbia" (as in British Columbia, Canada where the movie was filmed).

* Continuity: Stock Footage error, plane switches from two engines to four in mid flight.