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  • 100 Min
  • Komedie
  • Drama
  • Frankrijk
100 Min Frankrijk

Jacques is coming home after a long stretch behind bars. The boys are waiting, especially hi longtime friend Francis and new kid on the block Didier. They have a job lined up. but Jacques wants out of the life, Francis would rather be on the stage and wannabe mobster Didier has loser written all over him. Looks like someone's heading for a fall.

Sam Karmann
Gérard Lanvin, Clovis Cornillac, Jacques Gamblin, Philippe Nahon, Florence Pernel, Jean-Paul Bonnaire, André Thorent, Etienne Chicot, Liliane Rovère, Vincent Moscato, Josiane Stoléru, Jean-Claude Lecas, Jean-Pierre Lazzerini, Julie Durand, Désir Carré.

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