Jennings over The Hitchhiker's Guide

Website Comingsoon heeft een interview geplaatst met Garth Jennings, regisseur van The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy.

The weird thing is that I've kind of been left alone to do it, because I've got this incredible title, and that was my star. I didn't need to have Tom Cruise in Hitchhiker's Guide in the Galaxy. Everyone in it could serve the title rather than the other way around. I would say that pretty much all of them were my first choices. I met Sam Rockwell for the part of Ford Prefect originally, but within five minutes, he ended up convincing me that there was far too much energy in him to be this zen-like traveler. He was clearly the President of the Galaxy. Our casting director had seen Mos Def in a play and thought he was marvelous. I only knew him for his music work, which I loved, but I didn't know him for his acting. I met him and it was just one of those lovely meetings where within about fifteen minutes, we knew that he would be perfect for it."[/eng]

Lees hier meer, voor beelden van de film kun je [urlnoblank=]hier[/urlnoblank] terecht.


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