Cast dolenthousiast over Predators

"That movie is unbelievable!"

door Jeffrey op 19.03.2010 om 14:56 in Algemeen
Eerder vandaag plaatsten we de eerste trailer van Predators, de Predator-reboot van producent Robert Rodriguez en regisseur Nimrod Antal. De eerste reacties zijn overwegend positief. De cast is in elk geval vol lof over het eindresultaat. Hieronder enkele reacties.

Topher Grace (Edwin): "It is a dope movie. Sometimes you've gotta get out here and say the movie is good when you don't know -- but that movie is unbelievable."

Adrien Brody (Royce): "Young people today are aware of Hollywood's superficial depictions of strength. Physical brawn -- it's not going to be what makes my character prevail against aliens who are still much stronger and are more advanced, and have a culture of hunting and killing for trophies. [My character is] about inner strength, military training and survival skills. I've always felt that I've been right for a role like this."

Walton Goggins (Stans): "It's very similar to Schwarzenegger's "Predator,' but it's different. You have to see how that unfolds, the realization that we're somewhere other than our planet. At the end of the day, it's a human tale. There are a lot of dysfunctional people coming together in 'Predators' that would never work together, but they are forced to work together in order to survive. (...) I play Waler Stans in 'Predators' -- he's a famous serial killer and fancies himself the only celebrity of the eight persons on the alien planet, and is perturbed when they don't know who he is or ask for his autograph. Stans has a lot of one-liners that hopefully people will be quoting when they leave the movie. I've got about 20 lines like that [example] 'Your ass is awesome.' I'll leave it at that."

Producent Robert Rodriguez: "We knew we had to make people scared of the predators again. We needed characters that were afraid of them, and that you believed in. So, it started by coming up with a really great story, interesting characters that could be the eyes of the audience going into this new world, discovering it for the first time and allowing the audience to discover these creatures for the first time again."

Hieronder een filmpje waarin Adrien Brody zijn respect uit voor Arnold Schwarzenegger, de hoofdrolspeler uit de originele Predator.

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En toch heb ik er moeite mee om Brody als 'action hero' te zien...



Heb hier zo'n zin in.



Duh, een cast is altijd enthousiast over een film.



Ik vind het ook een beetje krom idd... de cast van All about Steve en Bounty Hunter zijn ook lyrisch over hun wanproducties.



Er staat in je contract als acteur dat je er enthousiast over MOET zijn, maar even trailer(s) zien er tof uit dus dit kan eindelijk weer een vette Alien/Predator licensie film worden


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