Foto's uit Netflix-blockbuster 'Red Notice' met The Rock, Gadot en Reynolds

Voor velen miljoen kocht Netflix dit grote filmproject.

Bram de Groot 26 oktober 2020 10:47 in Algemeen
Met grote sterren als Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds en Gal Gadot wordt op dit moment de actiethriller Red Notice opgenomen. Hieronder twee foto's vanaf de set!

De regie van de grote Netflix-film is in handen van Rawson Marshall Thurber (Skyscraper, Central Intelligence) en in de film zien we een wereld van de internationale misdaad. Centraal staat de situatie dat INTERPOL een Red Notice uitvaardigt, een wereldwijde waarschuwing om de meest gezochte kunstdief ter wereld op te sporen en te vangen.

En ook The Rock deelde foto's vanaf de set. Hij is samen met Reynolds te zien en ze hebben duidelijk een hoop lol. In de begeleidende tekst hint hij nog maar eens naar hun miljoenenprojecten: duurbetaalde goedkope drank. Daarna nog enkele eerdere foto's van The Rock.

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Another very productive work week on set of RED NOTICE 🙏🏾 * Some very cool Hollywood intel for all you cinephiles out there 🎥 I'm gonna sound like a big technology nerd but the hell with it, here we go🤓 The small @panavisionofficial camera on the right in this picture thats on a slider, on top of a wooden apple box is using one of the most prolific Hollywood lenses of all time. It's an ultra Panatar anamorphic lens. The same glass that shot BEN HUR (1959) and LAWRENCE OF ARABIA (1962). 60+ year old glass with beautiful quirks and distortions and a unique bokeh. Old school shit -- they literally don't (and can't!) make them like this anymore. We've coupled these lenses with the most cutting edge digital technology in the world -- Red's 8k Monstro -- to achieve a look that's both old school Hollywood & new school slick. No one's photographed a film with this combo before -- until RED NOTICE. A special shout to our brilliant/hungry cinematographer @markusforderer for his unique and groundbreaking vision. We're making a great one. The world's most wanted art thief. An FBI profiler. And the greatest conman the world has ever seen. #RedNotice #OldSchoolHollywood @netflix @sevenbucksprod @flynnpictureco @masistills 📸

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The world has changed and so has our process - we are officially back to work on filming RED NOTICE. A very productive first week back of work, but certainly not without some angst and anxiety, but overall our incredible crew remained focused, disciplined and executed brilliantly all week long. We have implemented the most aggressive health and safety Covid measures in all of Hollywood, but as I shared with our crew yesterday, we're all still in beta phase with no "COVID playbook" to reference. We're an agile crew -- learning on the go and we will create the blueprint for how effective a large scale production can operate during a pandemic. Proud to go shoulder to shoulder with our entire crew on this game changer. In the mean time I'll continue to screw up my lines and pretend to listen to my director/writer here @rawsonthurber as he shows me my firing target 🎯 The world's most wanted art thief. An FBI profiler. And the greatest conman the world has never known. #RedNotice @netflix @sevenbucksprod @flynnpictureco @masistills 📸

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